Join us from Monday, March 30 to Sunday, April 5 for our S.O.S. (Supporting Our Sisters) Live Stream. We will worship together, listen to a short message on a relevant topic during this crisis we’re living in and prayer for each other. Here are the topics and guest speakers for the week:

Monday, March 30: Navigating Togetherness at Home (Mary Anne Kent)

How are you handling having family at home 24/7, while working yourself and keeping the laundry under control? Like a superhero! That’s how! But even superheroes need encouragement, so tune in for a large dose of hope, encouragement, and love from Pastor Mary Anne Kent during this S.O.S. Live Stream.

Tuesday, March 31: Navigating Social Distancing with Loved Ones (Glenda Durano).

Tune in for this S.O.S. Livestream dealing with the new social distancing rules that are keeping loved ones and co-workers apart. How can we create togetherness when we’re being told to stay away from each other? Glenda has a ton of practical ideas that you don’t want to miss.

Wednesday, April 1: Winning Over Today’s Anxiety (Jodi Hendricks).

The kids are playing on their PlayStation, the dog is barking because Walmart just delivered your groceries, the baby needs a bottle, and you’re trying to get ready for that career-changing webinar happening in 30 minutes! Talk about ANXIETY! Tune into this S.O.S. Livestream to hear Jodi Hendricks, a licensed Mental Health Counselor, talk about winning the battle against the anxiety that overwhelms all of us at times.

Thursday, April 2: Beating the Loneliness Epidemic (Amberle Brown).

COVID-19 is a new epidemic and we are all taking extreme measures to combat it. Did you know that, worldwide, there is an epidemic of loneliness? What’s our part in making sure we and others are not overcome by deep loneliness? During this S.O.S. Livestream, Amberle Brown discusses this epidemic of alarming proportions and how we can reach out to the lonely in our communities.

Friday, April 3, Helping Our Children Grow Spiritually at Home  (Michelle Schroff).

We have been given the gift of time with our kids at this time. How can we use that time to grow spiritually ourselves and help them grow spiritually by leaps and bounds? Tune in to hear as one of our favorite moms in the world, Michelle Schroff, candidly speaks on nurturing kids spiritually from her deep and personal experience.

Saturday, April 4: Serving Our Communities During Covid-19 (Nati Interlandi).

Most of us are home and being told to stay away from others to curb this virus. But how can we forget that there are urgent needs in our communities that need to be met? Tune in to hear Natalia Interlandi share practical ideas of how to serve people even during this crisis. Have your kids watch too and maybe the whole family will get inspired to make a difference together.

Sunday, April 5: Resources for your busy life (Alicia Hill).

During this crisis, there are so many resources out there for us and our families, but sadly, many of us are in the dark about them. Tune in to this S.O.S. Livestream, as Alicia Hill shares vital resources available that may just change your life for the better during this difficult time for all of us.