The First NATIVE AMERICAN HONOR HER CONFERENCE was held on 10.26.19.

Here are the words from the President of the Navajo Nation, Jonathan Nez.

Today, Navajo Nation First Lady Phefelia Nez and Second Lady Dottie were honored to collaborate with Dr. Mercy Alarid, founder of Virtuous Women, to host the “Native American Honor Her Conference” at the Rehoboth Christian School in Church Rock, N.M.

The inspiration conference helped unite Native American Women under a banner of honor, bring awareness to issues that affect them. Most importantly, hear from incredible women who are using their pain, experience, and influence to transform their communities and tribal Nation.

“The event is meant to inspire and empower Native through faith, love, and prayer. Our Native women and children need encouragement and prayer throughout the Navajo Nation, and together as daughters of God, we can accomplish anything for our families, communities, and tribal nations,” said First Lady Nez.

Mercy Alarid stated that the vision of Virtuous Women is to unite women, equip them to discover their virtue in Christ, and empower them to disciple others.

The conference had approximately 250 participates who had the opportunity to listen to the gospel, testimonies, and devotions.

“Our goal is to have our Native women feel the grace of God. Each of us is important and precious to God. Today, we prayed for our Navajo women, children, and families, and we believe he will begin to heal and restore our Nation,” added Second Lady Lizer.

On behalf of the First and Second Lady, we extend our appreciation to Dr. Mercy Alarid and the Rehoboth Christian School for their partnership in bringing an uplifting conference for our Navajo women.