Devotional | Shannon Miller.

I have looked up to spiritual leaders, and wondered to myself, “When did it become so easy for them to consistently read the Bible and pray?”  I’ve gradually realized that it never becomes easy, because Satan and my old nature will always war for my time.  But what does become easier, is to make spending that time a priority over the other demands pressing in on me.  That becomes easier the more clearly I see Jesus, and am awestruck by His beauty and the love He lavishes on me.  How can we see Him clearly?

John Piper explains it this way, “To know him for who he is, we must be changed — not just in our ideas but in our wills. Which is why this gospel puts such an emphasis on the new birth. You must be born again. This is what happens in the new birth. The new birth is not a decision. The new birth is beneath decisions. The new birth is the work of God to take out a heart that loves human praise more than it loves God’s praise, and put in a heart that loves the praise of God more than the praise of man.”

Do you want to know Him better?  In the linked sermon clip, which I have watched and re-watched half a dozen times, John offers a few steps to savor Jesus more.